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Newspaper Bowl

This cute little bowl is made completely out of newspaper rescued from the recycling bin!  I made the base from the black and white pages, while the rim uses the color comics.  Deceptively sturdy,...

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Glass Pebble Ransom Letters

These glass marbles are so fun…  This alphabet was made ransom-style with recycled magazines, and I just ordered some new magnets (strong ones!) so get ready for some boggle fun on the fridge.

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Glass Pebble Map Set

These turned out so well, I just had to share!  I found an old map of Harford County (where I used to live) and found six places that were significant to me…. my first...

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Wildwood Sign

“Watch the tram car, please!!”  [Read in a nasally, automated voice.] If you have ever visited the Wildwoods at the Jersey Shore, you have heard that phrase a gazillion times on the Boardwalk.  I...