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Upcycled Notebooks

I got a new toy over the holidays!  Thanks to Mom O, I am now the proud owner of a wire-binder, and it is so fun.  Figuring out how to close the wire took...

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Oy Vey!

Hand-cut, hand-stitched felt on Gerber Onesies.  Your twins will be envied by all the other babies on the playground.

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Name Meaning Plaques

A friend asked me to make three plaques for her children’s bedroom doors.  I turned their names (along with their linguistic origin) into works of art that complement each kid’s color scheme.  Merry Christmas...

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Holiday Gift Tags

Much to my husband’s chagrin, I have found yet another reason to save discarded paper.  My cardboard boxes have been rescued from the recycling bin (again) and turned into these oh-so-very-green, eco-responsible gift tags. ...

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Thank-you Family Style Blog!

Thank-you, THANK-YOU to Babble‘s Family Style Blog for including me in their list of “5 Totally Unique Ways to Celebrate the World Series Champs!“ They featured my Giants Stationery Set, which sold the same...

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Cut-Paper Initials

Here is my latest recycling project… The pops of color on these letters were cut from discarded magazine pages (and of course, everything here was hand-cut by yours truly).  I made these three as...