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Newspaper Etsy Treasury 0

Etsy Treasury

It’s always so fun to read your email and find a message that your product was featured in an Etsy treasury… It completely makes my day.  Thank-you SunshineSisters for including my newspaper coasters!

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Harry Potter Stationery

This weekend I went shopping at Second Reading (a local second-hand bookstore) with my family to get some new/old books for the kids.  While we were there, I happened to notice a shelf with...

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Sheet Music Pencils

Each set of five pencils has been carefully wrapped in vintage sheet music, varnished, and pre-sharpened.  They coordinate perfectly with my “Songs of the 60’s” sheet music stationery, and would make a wonderful matching...

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Sheet Music Stationery

Hey man, can you dig it? Here’s a gift that your favorite music teacher, music student or any music lover will get jazzed about.  Each envelope features sheet music from a “Songs of the...

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Square Newspaper Coasters

Coming soon to a sweaty beverage near you: Square Newspaper Drink Coasters. These are still a work-in-progress, but here’s a preview of my latest coasters.  Armed with a glue gun and the Sunday paper,...

plarn scrubbies 1

Plarn Scrubbies

Do you have countless plastic grocery bags falling out of your closet because you feel guilty about clogging up the landfills with even MORE non-biodegradable material??  I know I do.  Actually, delete “do” and...