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Cut-Paper Initials

Here is my latest recycling project… The pops of color on these letters were cut from discarded magazine pages (and of course, everything here was hand-cut by yours truly).  I made these three as...

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Baseball Stationery Sets

Getting ready to list these in my Etsy shop – Now I have six featured teams: Phillies, Red Sox, Yankees, Rays, Dodgers and Cardinals.  Keep checking back for more (and let me know if...

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Phone Book Nesting Bowls

Hmmmm… What do you do with the outdated phone book?  Throw it away?  Not in this house!  You make a set of stacking bowls, of course!  These sturdy, environmentally friendly containers are completely functional...

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Newspaper Coasters

Created from discarded newspaper, I used black and white pages for the centers with the color comics along the rim.  These coasters turned out so well – I think this is my favorite recycling...

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"Pottery Barn" Coasters

I have found the PERFECT use for a Pottery Barn catalog. Cut it to pieces and make a set of hip coasters (my apologies, PB)!  While these are eco-friendly and completely functional, the best...

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Baseball Stationery Sets

These envelopes were hand-cut from my husband’s outdated baseball statistics books.  Pictured here is a set of ten envelopes featuring Red Sox players, with coordinating flat note cards.  So far I have also made...

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Magazine Coasters

Ok, I’m officially driving my husband crazy by taking all the paper out of the recycling bin.  He thinks he’s thrown something away, and SURPRISE!!!  His lovely wife has made coasters out of his...

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Newspaper Bowl

This cute little bowl is made completely out of newspaper rescued from the recycling bin!  I made the base from the black and white pages, while the rim uses the color comics.  Deceptively sturdy,...

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Glass Pebble Ransom Letters

These glass marbles are so fun…  This alphabet was made ransom-style with recycled magazines, and I just ordered some new magnets (strong ones!) so get ready for some boggle fun on the fridge.