Big Changes

Good afternoon, friends.

Have you heard our news? My husband took on a new role at work which means our family has relocated from Pennsylvania to Bermuda. WE. JUST. MOVED. TO. BERMUDA. A month ago. It’s been crazy.

All of my Pennsylvania friends told me before we left, “You should write about your experience! Make sure you blog about it! We want to follow along with your adventure!” So…. Now that we are settling in, I’ll do my best. Here’s a summary of our first days on the island.

Leaving: It was so hard to go. We were leaving my hometown (born and raised), my family (my parents, my 2 sisters and their families all lived within a few miles of our house), and fantastic friends/neighbors. My daughter was sick about leaving her friends and school, though my son (while  a bit apprehensive) seemed okay as long as we could bring his Legos.

Packing Up

packing up our old house

Day 1: Success. Kids seemed happy. We stayed at temporary housing for a few weeks while we waited for our furniture and transportation (more on that later). We took the ferry to town and explored my husband’s new office building then bought the kids new school uniforms. Did I mention that the kids have to wear uniforms for the first time EVER? Drank lots of rum (parents, not kids).

good morning, day one

good morning, day one

Days 2-3: Running around. We took the kids to our real house for the first time to check it out, although still staying in temporary house. Husband started work. The kids and I met him at the office for lunch and ran errands in town. Started the process to set up our Bermuda bank account. Did you know that you need to make appointments to set up a bank account in Bermuda? Neither did we. Not only did we need appointments, but we needed passports, leases, work permits and tax forms.

Day 4: School visit. We had a tour several months ago when we first found out about the relocation, but it was in the summer and had an abandoned feel. This visit was much better and gave the kids a good sense of what school will be like. I got my Bermuda cell phone plan, and cursed myself for not buying an unlocked iPhone 6 before we left the US. Do you know how much an iPhone costs in Bermuda? It’s obscene. Luckily, I was able to unlock my old one.

Days 5-6: Lounged around. Kids insisted on going swimming at the temporary house, despite the 60 degree weather. Beautiful, but (in my opinion) not suitable for swimming.

these kids are NUTS.

these kids are NUTS.

One week in: Furniture delivery! Our shipping containers cleared customs and were delivered to the new house. The movers said they wanted to get an early start at 8:00am. They showed up around noon. I guess we need to get used to “island time.”

my island girl at the new house

my island girl at the new house

So there you have it.  I promise I won’t give you daily details going forward, I’ll just try to keep everyone updated on our new adventure. And it has been an adventure. I’ve moved so far away from my comfort zone it isn’t even funny. Stay tuned for stories of paying $6 for ONE loaf of bread (sticker shock!), talking to people I don’t know (makes me sweat), driving on the left (omg), and much much more.

But, I do say to myself frequently, “We get to live here! Every day!”

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3 Responses

  1. Liz Meislet says:

    Wowee! What an adventure! Looking forward for updates. Enjoy! I bet you’ll be meeting new forever friends when you least expect it, that is if you haven’t already! How is the neighborhood?

    • Liz Ohsiek says:

      The neighbourhood (See what I did there? Added the British “u” to neighborhood) is lovely, but different from what we are used to. The house is quiet and private.

  2. Amy says:

    This is great! I encourage you to write even more!

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