DIY Paper Heart Chain: Upcycled Cereal Box

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Here’s a v-day heart decoration you can make with 3 simple materials that I’m sure you have on-hand. All you need are: a cereal box, scissors, and a stapler.

diy paper heart chain upcycled cereal box

I was able to make my chain out of a single cereal box. Measurements are approximate. This is one of those loosey-goosey crafts that can be put together a million different ways and still turn out fine. I’ll tell you what I did to make this one, and you can make adjustments as necessary.

  1. Cut the tops, bottoms, and sides off the box – I used the front and back for this chain.
  2. Slice into 3/4″ (ish) strips, lengthwise.
  3. Fold the strips in half.
  4. Using the fold as the point of the heart, bend the strips inward to make a heart shape.
  5. Staple closed.
  6. Take another strip, thread it through the first completed heart, and repeat steps 4-5.
  7. Keep going until you reach the desired length.

heart cereal box chain

That’s it! It’s a perfect project to decorate a child’s bedroom for Valentine’s day (or a birthday), and would be a great elementary school class party craft. Students can individually make chains and then join them all together to make a super-long decoration for stringing around the classroom.

valentines day heart chain

Have fun! If you like this tutorial, you may also like this variation on the paper heart chain. 

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