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I’m the absolute worst at sending cards. It’s not that I don’t remember birthdays or anniversaries… I just remember too late. Here’s an example of my thought process: “Oh, it’s my nephew’s birthday tomorrow. I don’t have a card. I should get one and send him a small gift. Wait, did I remember to send his sister a card on her birthday three months ago? Damn. I don’t know. I can’t send him a gift if I didn’t send her one. I’m too embarrassed to call their mom and ask. I’ll deal with it tomorrow.” Then 3 weeks pass and I haven’t done anything about it. It’s too late and I’ve sent nothing. Again. Worst aunt ever.

If this story sounds like your life, I have good news. I created a little system that seems to help me… maybe it will help you too.

Here’s my secret: Amazon gift cards + USPS forever stamps = BEST aunt ever.

Did you know that if you order gift cards from they will arrive with a greeting card and free next day shipping for no additional charge? It’s awesome. So for the out of town cousins that we probably won’t see on/near their birthdays (we have 10 of them in our family), I order gift cards all at once at the beginning of the year. When they arrive I add a note to each greeting card, address it, slap a forever stamp on there (they are always useable even if the post office raises rates) and file it in my system, which is detailed below. Anniversaries and local birthdays get cards that I print on cardstock (download the happy birthday printable and happy anniversary printable for FREE) and address at the beginning of the year. File those bad boys. Then all I have to do is check once or twice a month, take out the cards with dates coming up and pop them in the mailbox.

birthday and anniversary cards organizing and printables

What is this glorious system?

  1. Find a magazine file, write “Birthdays and Anniversaries” on it.
  2. Create a running list for all birthdays and anniversaries that you need to remember; attach it to the front of the file (free printable here).
  3. Get 12 6″x9″ (ish) envelopes and create tabs for each month using paper and packing tape.
  4. Transfer the dates onto each individual envelope (optional).
  5. Order your gift cards.  Print your birthday and anniversary cards on colored cardstock, cut and fold.
  6. Write the cards, address & stamp them (you can get a box of “quarter-fold” envelopes here – they fit perfectly!) – file them in the appropriate month.
  7. Deliver on time.

birthday and anniversary card organization

 Good luck! xox

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