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I don’t usually like to talk about myself. At least not important stuff. I’ll bore my friends with the minutia of life (what I had for breakfast, what craft my kids are working on, how many loads of laundry I folded, blah blah blah) but when it comes to my own shop and business, I don’t typically share. Maybe I just don’t think anyone really cares — and I don’t like to sound braggy (especially when I don’t have tons of faith in myself). I know, I have issues.

BUT – right now, I want to tell you about a really exciting project that I’m participating in. I’m going to toot my own horn for a minute. Ah-OOO-gah!!

Several months ago, Domino’s Pizza contacted lil’ ol’ me (ME!!) to tell me about their Second Hand Logos project. They recently changed their logo, and rather than throw away all of the old ones, they’ve asked independent craftsmen and artists like me to upcycle the old stock into new creations. I am one of 10 artists nationwide to participate in this amazing initiative.

domino's new logo

The project was unveiled on June 17, and since then there has been a bit of online buzz including a Yahoo! Finance article that used my photograph and mentioned my name. (You can check that out here. My 15 minutes of fame! There are also articles that use my product photos here, here and here).

Domino’s sent me some employee t-shirts, pizza boxes, and food wrappers all displaying the old logo. I made them into scarves, notebooks, and bowls.

Making Domino's Scarves from old stock t-shirts

Making Domino’s Scarves from old stock t-shirts

Pizza Box Notebooks

Pizza Box Notebooks

Paper Bowls

Paper Bowls

These items are available for purchase in my Etsy shop! And you can see all of the talented artists and their creations at This awesome project is still moving forward, so I’ll be sure to update here as it unfolds.


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2 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    Thanks to your success, I’ve had Dominoes on the brain and keep ordering delivery from them. Damn you and your creative genius!

  2. Awesome! Congratulations. :)

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