Thankful Thursday {part five}

I might be getting this one in right under the wire. Is it still Thursday? As I sit here (on the floor, in the hallway) at the YMCA waiting for an hour while my daughter takes her gymnastics class, I am eternally grateful for the miracle of wi-fi. The ideal use of this time would be to exercise in their fitness center. But, alas, there is no childcare at this Y… and since I have my son with me, we must wait. And wait, and wait. He is happily working on his dot-to-dot book and we have a whole backpack full of projects to keep him occupied. Yes, it is only an hour, but if you have young children you know how long an hour can feel.

I am very thankful that I am able to use this moment to quietly and blissfully surf the internet on my laptop. I can update my shop. I can check my site stats. I can surf pinterest. I can cruise facebook. Actually, facebook isn’t an option… the Y has some pesky firewalls. But me-time is me-time even if I’m trapped in a crowded corridor.

Thankful Thursday wi-fi

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