Thankful Thursday {with a vengeance}

This week I was lucky to have a lunch date with my husband. He was able to telecommute one day and took an hour break for lunch to spend time with his lovely wife. We chose a restaurant close to home, and while we easily could have walked one mile we decided to drive in order to save time. Plus, it has been cold around here lately. I mean really cold (single digits). This week it warmed up a bit to a balmy (can you feel the sarcasm?) 33° F, but it is still chilly. Driving is warmer than walking.

After a very nice and child-free lunch, we had to walk two blocks back to the parking garage to collect our vehicle. My teeth were chattering and all I could do was grumble about the cold. As I was complaining, it dawned on me that:
  • It wasn’t really that cold. The temperature was above freezing, and it had certainly been much colder in the past few weeks.
  • There are people who LIVE in the cold all winter long. They sleep outside without shelter. They are hungry.

There I was with a full belly walking two blocks in the semi-cold, and whining about it. Shame on me. I was fortunate enough to get in my car, drive home and be warm & comfortable all day. By the time we walked into our cozy house, I was consciously grateful for my access to food and shelter.

thankful thursday fireplace

Please follow along with my Thankful Thursday posts here. As always, I’d love to see what little things you are thankful for this week. Feel free to share in the comments.

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