Thankful Thursday {part deux}

Yes! Two weeks in a row! The pessimism hasn’t beaten me yet…

In case you missed it, last week I committed to a more positive outlook on life by finding things to be grateful for in negative situations. Making lemonade from lemons. Turning my frown upside down.  Here are two situations that stood out this week:

thankful thursday

  1. I am grateful for my 5-year-old son’s hour-long tantrum. I told this to some girlfriends over coffee and they looked at me with faces that said “Um, Liz, you may need to seek professional help.” Let me explain. He cried for an hour because his father and I didn’t buy him a toy from Target. I am thankful that we stood our ground, and I am secure knowing that the moment (while unpleasant) will add up with other little moments to be a fabulous teaching tool for our young monster. Did I say monster? I meant child. When I showed this to my husband, he was quite impressed with my attitude. In fact, I think his exact words were “That’s great. Because I was thinking that he is a spoiled rotten [expletive] and that we will never buy him anything ever again.” Can anyone say “parental role-reversal?”
  2. My husband is in the middle of some craziness at work and has been working very late and traveling more often than usual. One night this week he came home at 10pm and immediately said he was getting ready for bed because he had to get up at 3:55am to catch a train to NYC. He told me that he was doing this as an alternative to being gone for two nights in a row… Because he thought I would be upset if he was gone for an extra night. So then, I was upset.  I was hurt because I felt he thought I was selfish and that I would want him to sacrifice his sleep and whole day for me. See a pattern here? I thought that he thought because he thought I might… Total lack of communication. But instead of getting too furious with him, I chose to be grateful that I have an amazing husband who will sacrifice his sleep and whole day for me because of what he “thinks” I want.

Let’s see what next week will bring. Did you have any moments this week you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them.

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  1. Ellen Ohsiek says:

    You are an awesome wife, mother and daughter (in law)

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