Thankful Thursday {part one}

Several paths in my life are currently converging on the topic of gratitude. So, I’ve been trying to practice the art of grace/thanks/appreciativeness by attempting to find things to be thankful for even in negative situations. I am historically a cynical & pessimistic person. My husband always gets on my case for it (and Mr. Positive can be really annoying sometimes). I generally find it easier to expect the worst and be pleasantly surprised if things work out. That’s the way I have always operated. The bottom line is that I don’t like to feel disappointed… If my expectations are low, disappointment is seemingly less frequent.

In this new year I’m trying to change my ways and give myself an attitude adjustment. I’m attempting to find my lost optimism. I have been told that if I expect good things from the universe, then the universe will deliver good things… It’s worth a shot! Therefore, I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts for “Thankful Thursday.” Yes. I know. Today is Friday. But “Thankful” and “Thursday” both start with “TH.” “Thankful Friday” just sounds silly. In my newfound optimism, I have concluded that I should just jump in and do it – no wrong decisions. Rather than wait for next week to begin the series, I’m starting today. Please excuse my tardiness.

Here we go. I’ll begin the Thankful Thursday series with a tale that happened yesterday (on Thursday):

I am grateful that my husband forgot to lock up our dog before he left the house yesterday morning. This act left the animal free in the house for hours, which led to him jumping onto the counter and snagging a new box of Girl Scout cookies. I’m so grateful that he tore open this box of cookies called THANKS-A-LOTS (coincidence?!) and devoured them, leaving crumbs all over the house and burying a few cookies in the couch cushions for later…. Because, now I won’t eat the whole box in one sitting and then hate myself for it. I’m also thankful that the Girl Scouts created a new eco-friendly bag that my dog can open. Save the planet.


Whew. All kidding aside, it honestly does feel good to be able to choose my outlook. I’m (slowly) learning that I always have a choice. I can choose to be angry with my husband for forgetting to crate the dog, or I can choose to be grateful that I didn’t eat a whole box of cookies in one day. In this case I choose the latter.

Here’s hoping I can keep up with this series. Maybe if I commit to it here I’ll actually do it. Nah, who am I kidding? This probably will only last three weeks tops. Dammit! There’s that pessimism again. Maybe I can find a way to be grateful for that?

What are you thankful for this week? Please leave a note in the comments… I’d love to get inspired by you.

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5 Responses

  1. Amy says:

    We can go through it together! I’m proud of you, no matter what!

  2. Babs says:

    HAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I’m thankful I found your blog and read this! Too funny.

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