Gift Tags From Upcycled Greeting Cards

I had breakfast this week with a dear friend who opened my eyes to a whole new bloggy world. We were discussing what gets followed/pinned/liked vs. what doesn’t. For example, I wrote a post a while back about creating wrapping paper by painting discarded newspaper (see it here). That post got pinned on Pinterest over 3000 times. I was floored! I just couldn’t believe that something so easy could be so popular! Then, I wrote another tutorial about upycling crayons (see it here). I purposefully created a “pinnable” image, and wrote what I thought was a useful post. How many times did it get pinned? 4. (Four times at the time of our breakfast… might be a few more now).

So we talked about why that might be. I probably shouldn’t divulge this, but I almost didn’t even write the newspaper post because I thought it was SO simple that it couldn’t possibly be interesting. But to my friend, it wasn’t simple – she was amazed that I would ever think to paint newspaper in lieu of gift wrap. She convinced me to start writing about the little things I do in my home. These are things that I (mistakenly) assumed that everyone does! Apparently they don’t. But maybe they will soon…..

First up:

I have been doing this for years. I have a bag full of cards that my family has received for various occasions (holidays, birthdays, thank-you notes, etc). When I look at this bag I don’t see trash. I see colorful cardstock. I see FREE gift tags! Want to make your own? All you need is a pair of scissors and a hole punch. Cut the cards into whatever shape you want and pop a hole in the top – voila! Instant tag. Write a message on the back and tie with a ribbon. Wanna get fancy? I now have a die cutting contraption that I use to create these nifty tags, but it really isn’t necessary. Scissors will work just fine.

creating upcycled gift tags from a die cutter

And why stop with greeting cards? There is colorful cardboard all over the place. Cut up tissue boxes. Use cereal boxes. File folders. Toy packaging. Playing cards…. The options are limitless.

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  1. Shannon says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this idea. Totally using this one too!

  1. December 18, 2013

    […] it! Tie up the gift with a fancy ribbon, add a tag, and it is ready for […]

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