Plarn Scrubbies

Do you have countless plastic grocery bags falling out of your closet because you feel guilty about clogging up the landfills with even MORE non-biodegradable material??  I know I do.  Actually, delete “do” and replace with “did.”

What happened to all of those bags? I transformed them into PLARN, of course!  Next question: What is plarn?! Plarn is a PLastic yARN…. In this case, created from plastic grocery sacks.  Next, I scoured the web and found a pattern for crocheted scrubbies.  I adjusted it a bit (mostly because I’m not very good at crochet, and couldn’t follow the pattern properly), but I think they turned out fairly well.  Perfect for scrubbing dishes and pots – the plastic is durable but soft, so it won’t scratch.  I tested it on my non-stick pots, and it works nicely!

plarn scrubbies

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Actually the new plastic bags are biodegradable so don't feel guilty throwing them away! :)

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